After contacting us via our contact page and receiving our quote, you will be supplied with a link to our upload facilities giving you the chance to drop your files on our server ready for the mixing and mastering process.

The file type we usually require is:  24bit/44.1khz or 48Khz .wav/.aiff .  Even though we prefer the files as we have stated above we will be able to accommodate your needs if you supply us with 16bit/ 44.1khz.

If you are using Pro Tools. Logic, Cubase and or any other DAW program, for easy syncing during the mixing and mastering process , all the files need to start at the same time.

The tracks should be Dry  before the online mixing and mastering process beings, they shouldn’t have any effects applied to them apart from the originally recorded effects, this can include any element that is part of your due creative process such as reverbs, distortions, delays.

We also except full sessions from Protools, Logic or Cubase, you will need to include all the sessions files if you choose to go down this path for your mixing and mastering.

Please contact us with any questions or queries you might have and we will be more than happy to attend to your every mixing and mastering need.

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