” I really do liked the way Popaphonics is working. I got the felling the engineer was always understanding the requests we had and the mood of our music.I really recommend work with them.

Hans Plasma – Letatlin

I would like to inform the world that I had the pleasure of working with this gentlemen some 2 years ago in an Amsterdam studio. His ability to squeeze such beautiful noises out of my motley crew of a band was second to no other. We are currently working on our third studio album and Popaphonics will certainly be our first point of contact before anything is heard by public ears. Keep up the good work Alen, making good music even “gooder” !!!

Gary Leatherland – John Carrie and Moor Green

Only the greatest compliments and highest praises for the fantastic job with mixing and mastering for Punk Panthers Inc, we bow to you, dear Sir, we salute you! And we are coming back soon!

Riff Kirby – P.P.Inc.

I sent a track to Popaphonics to mix and master for me, originally being keen to get a different perspective on the track. I love the results, now it sounds like a finished song finally. I’ll be using this one instead of my original efforts!! Great stuff!

Mark Cursley – JumperSound

Die Zusammenarbeit mit  Popaphonics  hat sich in unseren künstlerischen Arbeiten erfolgreich verwirklicht. Eine von den letzten Theaterarbeiten war“ Woyzeck“ am Hebbel am Ufer, indem seine komponierte Musik zu den bestimmten Stellen eine wesentliche Rolle spielte. Insofern seine musikalische Kompetenz und Leichtigkeit stehen als künftiger Bestandteil unserer Zusammenarbeit. Wir begrüßen seine musikalische Ideen und ihre Realisierungen.

Boris C. – God’s entertaintment

Fantastic job!!! This is our 3rd recording but first with Popaphonics!!! We’re definitely coming back here !!! Thanks a lot !!!

Bacho G. – Makazoruki

Great all round mastering service, very patient and helpful catering to our specific needs, and fast turn around. Will definitely be using again for future projects.

Sam Barnes – Terminal State

We’re happy we met Popaphonics  in web universe and it felt like kids when we got the mixed tracks from them. Of couse we know how much effort it demands to find your sound and way as a band, no illusion, but you need these moments of pure joy and fun to go on and dedicate yourself to all this beautiful madness. And Alen from Popaphonics as some Harry Potter of Mixing Board gave us this simple, but supercool feeling of being a band!!!

Pavel Ruminov and Natasha Anisimova – Sherlock Blonde
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