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Online Mixing and Mastering | Nachtrocity-Jumpersound

Popaphonics have been working closely with Jumpersound lately to bring together a full and professional standard of online mixing and mastering, the whole album has been a project here at popaphonics for the last month and it has finally come to a culmination. We can now proudly say jumpersound has there album and hope they do as well with it as love was put into mixing and mastering it. Below we are leaving you just a short and tantalizing snippet from the album posted via our soundcloud you can check out more of it over at thejumpersound.co.uk. For any other artists out there that would like Popaphonics to take there album on board as a project just check out the rest of the site and drop us a line over at the contact page. We are currently quite heavily scheduled with our online mixing and mastering, but will always accommodate new artists if they are willing to give us a try. ;)   Nachtrocity by Jumpersound  

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sE Electronics sE2200a II

sE Electronics sE2200a II   The new sE Electronics sE2200a II is more than an update to the company’s low-cost, large-diaphragm condenser, the sE2200a. For only $100 more, version II adds multipattern capabilities (omnidirectional, figure-8, and condenser), increasing the value of the microphone substantially. In addition, it now has two pad levels (–10 and –20dB), along with the switchable highpass filter from before, which is set at 80Hz. read more…

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One more tut: Spicing Up Synth Lines With Simple Edits In my last tutorial I looked at a few ways to add life to drum parts by using simple edits and multiple tracks. Let’s take a look at how you could use similar techniques when working with melodic synth lines.    (Continue)

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another great tut: Quick Tip: Punchier Drums with the New York Compression Trick   This entry is part 17 of 19 in the Creative Session: All About Drums Step One Before applying this technique I like to clean up the drums, getting them as close to what I want as possible. Step Two Once you’ve got your original drum track sounding good, create a stereo aux input and set up buss sends from the original drums (not the outputs). The idea is you’ll have two sets of drums to merge later.   read the res over at audio tuts

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